Your Child’s Learning Journey.

This belongs to you and your child.

Your child’s Learning Journey  celebrates his/her experiences. Over time it will tell you a story about your child – his/her learning, friends and the activities he/she enjoys sharing with others.


Staff observe each child at play and this helps us to understand and support their individual well-being and development. We really get to know our children as unique people with special skills, interests and ideas. The more we understand about your special child, the better we can support them in the way that is right for them.


The child’s key person and family work together. We value parents and carers sharing their child’s learning. We welcome you talking with the child about the profile, adding family photographs or other things of significance for your child. You and your child can also share the profile with other settings or important people.


Please feel welcome to join us in noting new things. So much happens so quickly. When you tell us about your child a clearer picture unfolds and together we can plan more effectively to help learning. We can share pleasure and excitement in their learning.

We will regularly look through the profile with your child to remind us of happy times, providing a starting point for talk about shared memories. When children are ready they can choose to put things that are important to them in their profile

We use Tapestry the online learning Journey to record children's progress.

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